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Trials of a Porcelain Doll

Our Trials Told

If there be only one way to describe this project, the term “Sonic Thriller” comes to mind. Forged by the combined creative energies of Davnak and L3V!, “TRIALS OF A PORCELAIN DOLL” is hands down one of the most unique products to hit the digital music market. It consists of bone chilling theatrical instrumentals that are seasoned with a superb lyrical display. The storyline hits with a precision and concision that shakes the senses and unites the natures of man; mind, spirit, and body. This is surely an EP that encapsulates the volatile reality of the human condition, searching the deepest trenches of depression, to reaching the highest mountains of joyousness, and every step in between.

“TRIALS OF A PORCELAIN DOLL” is not a project to be trifled with. After all, it puts you in the front seat of the experience, some how linking the connection between you the human, and your metaphorical avatar the porcelain doll. The concept of us being the doll is an equalizer of sorts, pinning the attributes of humanity parallel to the characteristics of the creepy child’s toy. Our feelings of emptiness, coldness, and fragility all play a part in the connection between ourselves and the doll. It’s an attempt to summarize humanity in a few very legitimate shared states of being. Yet, even with these bleak qualities there is light to seek and shine.

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