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Stream Highlights: Peaceful Holiday Piano
Stream Highlights: Late Night Soundscapes
Stream Highlights: A Calm Atmosphere
Skyline Sessions: 8 AM Shower
Ever Dream: Davnak x L3V!
Sonokinetic Ibrido Soundtrack and Sound Design
Push 2 Performance: Crylexon
Modular Explorations EP 4: Techno Noir
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About Davnak

Producer, artist, musician, mix engineer, and owner of Davnak Studios, Jonathan Cooper (Davnak) surrounds himself in music. As an artist, he explores the atmospheric side of electronic music. As a producer, he works with with up and coming creatives such as Biscayne, L3V!, Derk Taylor, and Bekah Wilson.

In 2015 Davnak co-founded the band “With Every Wind” in Jacksonville, FL as their bassist and producer and released their first demo record “Illusions.” Afterwords, Davnak released his first solo single in August of 2017, “Lost Depth,” which began the framework for his loop-based, Ambient, Electronic style of music. Under the artist name of Davnak, this combination of Electronica, dark Ambience, and Cinematic elements have become the trademark of his releases and was followed up by his second release “Clockwork” on March of 2018. Later that year, Davnak started DJing with a combination of EDM, Pop, Electronica, and other Dance hits, all while working with Indie-Rock band Biscayne to record and produce their first EP “Superego.” 

In March of 2019, he released his first full-length album “New Path.” This pinnacle collection of Ambient, Dark, Electronica follows the tone he set with his first two singles and was followed up with his single “City Lights” in June. In the middle of all this, Davnak continued to produce for other artist and bands such as Biscayne, L3V!, Derk Taylor, and Bekah Wilson. 

After the release of Teenage Engineering’s OP-Z, Davnak released his OP-Z album “Trancendence” and in the following year, his first EP “Breath.”  He then started performing live on the virtual stage with a combination of analog, digital, hardware, and software; all while writing and releasing his first dance-oriented EP "Black Lights." He currently lives in Seattle, WA where he continues to work with up and coming artists while creating his own records and performing live via streaming platforms.

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