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Davnak X L3V!, Ever Dream

August 14th, 2021

“When you close your eyes and lay your soul to sleep, do you ever dream of what the world could be?” - L3V!

Life is broken, and we are broken; but can we do better? Do we want to do better? Ever Dream considers those questions. After another year of great pain and turmoil, L3V! and Davnak have come together to ponder the hope of what could be, and what is. They reflect on the sate of our world while seeking a path forward. Through L3V!’s elegant lyrics and Davnak’s expansive sound, Ever Dream invites the listener to evaluate themselves, the world, and our place in it.

Do you ever dream of what the world could be?

Davnak X L3V!, Trials of a Porcelain Doll

May 1st, 2021

If there be only one way to describe this project, the term “Sonic Thriller” comes to mind. Forged by the combined creative energies of Davnak and L3V!, “Trials of a Porcelain Doll” is one of the more unique products to hit the digital music market. It consists of bone chilling theatrical instrumentals that are seasoned with a superb lyrical display. The storyline hits with a precision and concision that shakes the senses and unites the natures of man; mind, spirit, and body. This is surely an EP that encapsulates the volatile reality of the human condition, searching the deepest trenches of depression, to reaching the highest mountains of joyousness, and every step in between.

Trials of a Porcelain Doll Artwork.png
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Davnak, Black Lights

January 1st, 2021

Following the release of Davnak’s melancholic EP “Breath,” “Black Lights” takes a more up-beat and energetic approach. It develops exciting and dynamic dance tunes, all while holding to Davnak‘s wistful and alluring sound. Like how the rising of the sun ushers in a new day of both great possibilities and great uncertainties. It incapsulates the joy of abandon mixed with the cold reality of the next morning.

Davnak, Breath

May 1st, 2020

Davnak’s first EP, “Breath” attempts to embody the chaos and confusion of life; while expressing the importance of mindfulness. With the OP-Z as the brains, “Breath” combines atmospheric arpeggios, tremulous textures, and melancholy melodies that encourages one to contemplate the eternal aspects of life. Regardless of how out of control things may feel, allow space to reflect and take a deep breath.

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Davnak, Trancendence

November 18th, 2019

Made and performed entirely on the Teenage Engineering OP-Z, “Trancendence” is the next expansion in Davnak’s catalog of dark Electronica. Performed live using advance sequencing and generative textures, “Trancendence” goes beyond the traditional linear timeline of music while creating vast and expansive soundscapes that evolve over time.

Davnak, New Path

March 3rd, 2019

Davnak's first full length album, "New Path," takes the listener through an alluring experience of sound. Ranging from spacious electronica, dark and intimate piano, to heavy EDM. "New Path" expresses a large range of Davnak's musical styles. While words can describe the concrete and certain, “New Path’s” instrumental approach dives into the abstract emotions of music.

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Derk The Incredible, Wonderland Single

April 2020

Beautiful Free was born out of an intense season of apathy that erupted into a moment of frustration as I sat in a Houston park completely defeated. It was there that I was reminded of who I was transformed to be by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. No longer am I bound by fear, trampled by shame, or aimlessly idle. 

As a result of this I wish to inspire others to reach the same point so that they may be elevated beyond merely existing; and that's a life worth living.

This is bigger than selling clothes and making art; it is a movement and a state of mind. I want the world to be free, Beautiful Free

Davnak, City Lights Single

June 2nd, 2019

Written, recorded, and filmed in Seattle, Davnak’s single and first music video “City Lights” captures the distinct feeling that Seattle emits. This downtempo track attempts to display the vast sights and sounds of the Seattle west coast while maintaining a minimalistic vibe through use of the OP-1.

Clockwork Album Cover.png

Davnak, Clockwork Single

March 9th, 2018

Following the concept of building space and atmosphere through music, Davnak's second official release, "Clockwork," is an atmospheric and etherial track performed in, and inspired by, the mountains of Tennessee. "Clockwork" is a track that counts the moments of life and should remind those who listen of its value.

Davnak, Lost Depth Single

August 8th, 2017

Beginning the framework for his loop-based, ambient, electronic style of music, "Lost Depth" was Davnak's first release as a single artist. "Lost Depth" is a dark instrumental combination of hip hop, downtempo, and electronica all that seeks to build an experience through space and ambience.

Lost Depth Artwork.png

With Every Wind, Illusions EP

May 4th, 2016

This EP is the project that started it all. Co-founded by Jonathan Cooper (Davnak), "With Every Wind" strived to bring great music with an impactful message to our world. Together, Jonathan Cooper, Clayton Barnett, and Benjamin Patton poured out their hearts on issues that plague today’s youth in a way that would uplift and encourage them.

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